Simplicatus Research and Development AS

Simplicatus Research and Development (SRD) is an employee-owned Norwegian limited liability company.


Simply explain science!


  • Promote understanding of complicated science concepts with simplified explanations
  • Deliver products/services for communicating, teaching and learning natural sciences
  • Contribute to a high quality of projects, products and services in this area


  • Develop and consult on educational equipment and special installations
  • Manage and participate in educational development projects
  • Organize professional development seminars for teachers and trainers


  • Fun & Friendly – active, cooperative & safe learning
  • Familiar & Fascinating – intuitive, creative & inspiring products
  • Focused & Flexible – competent, professional & trustworthy services

On Minds-On Learning

Hands-On Learning is not sufficient in itself – without engaging the mind learners might at best improve their muscle memory. We believe conceptual understanding is developed well through thought-provoking experiments that challenge both the problem-solving ability and preconceptions of the learner. Exciting topics from contemporary science also contribute to motivating students and teachers alike.

On Explaining

Everything should be explained as simply as possible, but not simpler.

Explain something too simply and you easily walk into two traps at once: Underestimating your audience and teaching the wrong lesson. When your explanatory model becomes too simple, you risk that the model loses its value because it no longer offers a useful explanation. And perhaps worse, your audience might learn something completely different from what you intended them to when you made the model.


SRD is currently working to develop new international projects. Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation.

Partners and products

Our network includes universities, public bodies for education, science centres, teacher organisations, schools etc. in around 15 European countries. We have worked with more than 50 scientific / pedagogical authors / inventors and developed more than 30 books/booklets in Norwegian, English and other languages for teacher training and conceptual learning activities in mathematics and physics.

These activities cover all levels in primary school, lower and upper secondary school. Some activities can also be used at the university level. The conceptual activities and equipment can be combined with different levels of theoretical depth and adapted to a wide range of curriculum levels.

We have also developed a number of websites for public information about space science, mathematics, physics and biology, as well as a few online and offline educational games. These are freely available from the right hand menu.

SRD is the sales representative for in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Read more here.

BRIGHT of Sweden

SRD distributes Atom and Molecule models from BRIGHT of Sweden, focussing on science centres and teacher education institutions. Read more here.