MOSEM project

Minds-On experimental equipment kits in Superconductivity and ElectroMagnetism for the continuing vocational training of upper secondary school physics teachers

Building on the results of the SUPERCOMET and SUPERCOMET 2 projects, the MOSEM project ran from November 2007 until April 2010. Financial support of € 291 500 through the Leonardo da Vinci programme phase II of the European Union amounts to 64% of the project’s total budget of approximately € 455 000. The project code is LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-NO/165.009.

The Challenge

A lack of competent science teachers, especially physics teachers, is part of a feedback loop that breeds negative associations to the subject of physics and also hinders recruitment of good candidates who can turn the trend. This situation is ongoing at both national and European levels, as has been documented by several studies and conferences in recent years.

Short description

The MOSEM project offers participating schools and teachers a collection of simple, thought-provoking tabletop physics experiments. Electronic and printed support materials use text, videos and animations to raise the user’s curiosity. Investigating the encountered phenomenon and doing own research with the provided materials and other sources improves motivation and learning. The project builds on many previous Leonardo and other EU projects, most notably the SUPERCOMET 2 project.


The article was written on 11/10/2011, in the category Projects.

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