SUPERCOMET Online Modules

SUPERCOMET Online Modules

The SUPERCOMET  and SUPERCOMET 2 projects developed a set of 9 online learning modules containing conceptual animations to enrich teaching and learning of magnetism, electric conduction, electromagnetic induction and superconductivity.

These qualitative animations make it possible to:

  • show the normally invisible magnetic and electric fields
  • have a look at the particle model for a metal lattice with variable electric field and temperatures
  • view experiments requiring superconductors and liquid nitrogen, normally not easily accessible at school

Being qualitative, they are not directly aimed at calculations and quantitative treatment of the subject, but it is possible in many cases to develop numeric problems based on the equations, data and relationships described in the modules. This is especially true for electrical conduction and relationships between flux and force (the Faraday effect among others).

NOTE: Some of the modules are still “work in progress”.


The article was written on 13/10/2011, in the category Resources.

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