Product brochure

Front cover of SRD brochure

You can read about our company Simplicatus Research and Development and the products we offer in our product brochure:

Quote from the SRD brochure: "We hope that science and education may lead us to make wise decisions."

Quote from the SRD brochure

From mathematical puzzles to magnetic tracks for superconducting levitating trains and other exhibits for science centres, we have an exciting selection of learning materials for schools, kindergartens and everybody who is interested in the natural sciences.

We wish to contribute to a more positive interest in and attitude towards science and science education.

Our specialty is tailored packages/kits that combine carefully selected sets of experimental equipment with accompanying activity guides explaining how to perform the experiments and the associated learning goals. We have developed such sets in physics, mathematics and technology in cooperation with leading organisations within each discipline.

Excerpt from front cover of SRD brochure

Excerpt from front cover of SRD brochure


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