Everything should be explained as simply as possible, but not simpler

Albert Einstein quote from SRD brochure

Our slogan is a slight paraphrase of a famous quote from perhaps the greatest thinker of the previous century.

At SRD we like explaining complicated things simply. However, we also believe it is important to avoid oversimplification. Explain something too simply and you easily walk into two traps at once: Underestimating your audience and teaching the wrong lesson. When your explanatory model becomes too simple, you risk that the model loses its value because it no longer offers a useful explanation. And perhaps worse, your audience might learn something completely different from what you intended them to when you made the model.

Therefore we maintain that it must be allowed, from time to time, to say that nature is in fact a bit complicated – and show through exciting Minds-On activities that it is worth the effort to reach the goal of a journey to learning, namely that deep understanding which provides a comparable feeling of mastery.



The article was written on 18/06/2012, in the category News, Resources.

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