Author: Vegard Stornes Farstad


Co-Founder, Chairman and Scientific Director of Simplicatus Research and Development since 2000. Current projects: • Educational, Abstract, Strategy and Serious Games • Types: Card, Board and Tabletop. Also Role-playing, Online and Mobile • Activities: Development, Import, Export, Distribution and Retail • Themes: Mathematics, Physics, other Sciences and Sci-Fi and Space • Brands: • SimplyClever.Cards Mathematics Playing Cards (own brand) • BRIGHT Atom Models (sales agent) • Horizon Fuel Cell Science Kits and RC Model Cars (sales agent) • Science Shows • Möbius Maglev Track for Levitating Superconducting Train • Quantum Levitation of Superconductors • Teacher Seminars • Active Student-Centered Inquiry Learning • Minds-On Experimental Equipment Kits in Physics and Mathematics

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